Moving from overseas

Devon is a fabulous county and people from all over the world choose to live here. With two wonderful coastlines, the open spaces of the National Parks, pretty towns and villages, thriving cities, there is something for everyone.

Living overseas and renting or buying a home in Devon for holiday, investment or something more permanent is easy with Devon HomeFinder. They have experience helping overseas clients and will handle everything from start to finish.

Modern communication means distance is no problem. WhatsApp, Zoom, email, telephone etc. are used to take the right brief and maintain regular contact.

They are on the spot to act quickly and effectively which is essential to make certain that the best properties are viewed first. Comprehensive reports with a full range of photographs and comments are prepared ensuring all the important information is available.

Itineraries are arranged to make full use of your visit and once a purchase has been agreed, trusted specialists can be recommended to provide a smooth transaction.

So living in a different time zone or country is no barrier to finding your perfect home in Devon.

Stoke Fleming

“We could never have done it without Philip's help and expertise. He guided us through the intricacies of the UK property market and his input was invaluable on so many levels. We really appreciated how quickly he replied to our queries and his frankness and honesty. He saved us no end of time and expense – not to mention stress!"
Jacqui Mann/Stuart Porteous.

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